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Why a Bark Park?


City dogs need a safe play area


Unfortunately for dog owners who live in cities or densely populated suburbs, thereís not much chance for their dogs to run and exercise off-leash. Most municipalities have leash laws, and even if they didnít, the inherent dangers of letting a dog run free in a place crisscrossed with streets are obvious. But itís hard to explain that to a dog who has been locked indoors all day, and wants nothing more than to run and play with new friends.

Dogs run and play at the Bark Park


Dogs need exercise to stay healthy

For most dogs, just a walk around the block is not enough exercise to keep them fit and happy.


Dogs need exercise to keep them happy

It is a known fact that dogs that are well exercised are happier and less likely to exhibit destructive behaviors (digging, chewing, barking, etc.).


Dogs need to socialize with other dogs and humans

Dogs are social animals. With frequent, active contact with other dogs and humans, dogs are calmer and tend to have better social manners.


Dog owners need to socialize with other dog owners

A Bark Park gives dog owners an opportunity to meet other dog owners and share information and experiences that help them become better dog owners. Plus, it is a great place to make new friends!


People wonít be tempted to break existing leash laws

Knowing that there is an area where dog owners can exercise their dogs off-leash, owners are less likely to take their dogs off-leash in public areas where the dogs must be leashed.


Bark Parks provide opportunities for educational activities

A Bark Park can be a common place where dog owners can go for dog-related information and education. Activities can be posted at the park and in some cases can be held at the park. Itís a great place for both owners and dogs to learn!

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