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Miami Beach, Florida
The North Beach Bark Park Project


For years, North Beach dog owners have been hearing rumors about a new Bark Park for the area. Until recently, the only facility where dogs could legally be off-leash in Miami Beach was the Flamingo Bark Park in South Beach.


In 2001, the City built a second Bark Park in Pinetree Park. It has quickly become as popular with Mid Beach dog owners as the Flamingo Bark Park is with South Beach dog owners.


And still we wait for a Bark Park in North Beach.


Though closer, the Pinetree Bark Park is still too long a walk from North Beach for many people (and dogs). North Beach residents have to drive their dogs down to one of the other Bark Parks. Those North Beach dog owners without their own cars are out of luck.



I wish I could play at the Bark Park!In an area composed mostly of apartment buildings and condominiums, few North Beach dogs have a yard to play in. Many spend long hours locked up in their apartments waiting for their owners to come home to take them out. And when they do go out, for many dogs "out" is a walk around the block on a leash. These dogs need a safe area where they can be legally off-leash. A Bark Park in North Beach would give area dogs a safe place to exercise, play and socialize with other dogs.


We need your help


Running in the Bark Park, having fun with my friendsThe City wants to hear from area dog owners who would like to see a Bark Park built in North Beach. Presently, there are a few sites being considered. But we still need to show the City that we are interested in making this project a reality!

To make your voice heard, please fill out the online sign-up sheet. We'll forward the names of all interested residents to the City, and keep you informed of our progress.

CMB Ordinance 10-10

In early April 2003, these signs started appearing in area parks. They make reference to a city ordinance that effectively bars dogs even if leashed from any open public space in the city. If this ordinance is enforced, this will leave area dogs and their owners with no place to go north of 45th Street.

This ordinance makes it even more important for area dog owners to speak up and demand that some open space in North Beach be set aside for a Bark Park. Fill out the online sign-up sheet to voice your support for the project and let us keep you informed of our progress. You can also contact the City and let them know you want a Bark Park in North Beach.

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