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Answers to common questions about Bark Parks



Won't my dog be viciously attacked?

Dog experts attest that dogs are inherently protective of their own property such as their house or yard, but don’t adopt a protective attitude when in neutral territory such as a dog park.

Also, dogs with a history of aggression are worse when leashed than when off-leash. It seems that leashes increase the potential for fear and protectiveness, possibly because dogs are nervous when they are restricted.

Furthermore, an owner pulling on a leash sends a signal of danger to the dog, which puts the dog on the defensive. Established dog parks report that occasional spats occur between dogs, but no major incidents have happened.


Is there potential public or personal liability?

Public liability has been resolved at other dog parks by the posting of signs that warn park users that they are entering an off-leash dog area, that they enter at their own risk, and that the dog owners are liable for their pets’ behavior.


Is there a potential public health issue with a dog park?

Owners are required to pick up their dog’s feces while in the park. Signage, poop bag dispensers and trashcans throughout the park reinforce this. Furthermore, it is the owner’s responsibility to not take his dog to the park if the dog is contagious, or if the dog has not received all necessary vaccinations to protect the animal from diseases.


Will dog parks be a danger to children and non-dog owners?

Fencing and a double entry gate helps to prevent dogs from getting out of the dog park. Also, children under 10 are not permitted in the dog park unless an adult supervises them.


Will dog parks be noisy and a nuisance to area residents?

Based on the many dog parks that exist across the U.S. and Canada, it has been found that dog parks are no noisier than children’s playgrounds.


More Q&A: Read how one city debunks common misconceptions about dog parks here.


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