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Under Consideration

Miami-Dade County municipalities currently considering a Bark Park

We have been receiving reports throughout Miami-Dade County of other municipalities that are considering opening their own Bark Parks. As we receive additional information about these potential new Bark Parks, we will post it here.


If you have any information about new Bark Parks opening or being considered anywhere in Miami-Dade County, please email us.



The Village of Biscayne Park has created a village committee to investigate the creation of a dog park. The committee has been meeting for the past several months; meeting schedules are posted on the Village's Web site. Their preferred site for the dog park is is Griffing Park, at NE 6th Avenue, NE 115th Street and Griffing Boulevard. For more information, contact the Village directly.


A group of residents in the South Pointe neighborhood of Miami Beach is trying to get a dog park built at South Pointe Park. We will post more information as we get it.


The creation of a dog park was discussed at the June 7, 2005 Miami Shores commission meeting. Three-hundred-plus signatures have been collected from residents supporting the establishment of a dog park there. Supporters are hoping to establish a dog park in Constitution Park, although the exact location is still up in the air. For more information, call Steven Shulman at 305-757-2020 or e-mail


The City of North Miami is considering adding a dog park to Bayshore Park, at N. Bayshore Drive and NE 123rd Street. For more information, contact the City's Parks and Recreation Department.


The Village of Pinecrest is compiling information on dog parks, with an eye on possibly opening one in their city. Interested residents should contact the Village's Parks and Recreation Department.



Broward County municipalities currently considering a Bark Park



There is a growing grass-roots movement to get a dog park in Davie. Supporters are still working on finding a location, and some funding has been set aside by the town. For more information, visit the group's Web site.



A non-profit group called Off-Leash Dog Beach of Hollywood Association, Inc., has started a petition drive to get 20,000 signatures for an off-leash dog beach in Hollywood. The group is proposing two sites. The first is in South Hollywood Beach, east of Harry Barry Park and east of the Hollywood Culture and Community Center. The second is North Beach. You can get more information and sign the petition at the group's Web site.



Monroe County municipalities currently considering a Bark Park



The City of Marathon has been looking into building a dog park for some time now. Several sites have been proposed and debated. In January of 2009, the City Council gave a group of Marathon dog owners the right to build a dog park on roughly one acre of unused land at the front part of the Children's Rotary Park, known as the Field of Dreams, at 75th Street and US 1. However, this is far from a done deal; the project was nearly scrapped at the City Council's March 31 meeting. For more information, contact

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If you know of a Bark Park initiative not listed here, please email us so that we can update the list.

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