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Miami Beach Bark Parks

Existing Bark Parks in Miami Beach


Flamingo Bark Park
In Flamingo Park, on the east side of Michigan Avenue at 14th Street  [MAP]

The first Bark Park in Miami Beach, the Flamingo Bark Park is extremely popular. It features two separate dog runs, each with running water, benches and agility equipment. Parking is available along Michigan Avenue right outside the park.

UPDATE: In the Spring of 2005 the both dog runs were refurbished. The trees that were damaged in last year's hurricanes were replaced. The pens were also resodded and many of the drainage issues were resolved. New "self-serve" ultrasonic dog watering stations were installed, allowing the dogs to go get their own water! The Flamingo Bark Park is now more popular than ever!



Pinetree Bark Park
In Pinetree Park, at Pinetree Drive and 45th Street   [MAP]

The Pinetree Bark Park was built during Pinetree Park's reconstruction in 2001, and has also become quite popular. It features two large, connected dog runs with a gate in between. Usually the connecting gate is left open, giving the dogs ample room to run and play. Running water was recently run to both pens.

UPDATE: As of June 2005, the front pen had been refurbished. Grass was replanted (the pen is now configured with grass in the middle and mulch on the perimeter, like the runs at Flamingo Park). A new "self-serve" ultrasonic dog watering station was installed, allowing the dogs to go get their own water! The rear pen was closed for refurbishment.



Temporary South Beach Bark Park
On 2nd Street between Washington and Collins Avenues  [MAP]

This temporary facility was opened to give those who were using South Pointe Park as an "unofficial" dog park a place to take their dogs during the South Pointe Park renovations. This fenced-in lot is on the grounds of the police substation. It closes at 8 p.m.

(The Bark Parks are also listed in the Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Facility Directory.)

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Belle Isle Bark Park (FUTURE)
In Belle Isle Park, on Venetian Way in Belle Isle  [MAP]

Belle Isle Park, in the center of Belle Isle, is currently undergoing a renovation project that will include sidewalks, lighting and landscape improvements, picnic areas, and a dog park.



South Pointe Bark Park (FUTURE)
In South Pointe Park, 1 Washington Avenue  [MAP]

South Pointe Park is closed until at least December of 2008 while it undergoes a $22.3-million renovation. Plans for the 19-acre waterfront park include a Bark Park and possible dog beach.

Proposed locations for a North Beach Bark Park

Several North Beach locations have been proposed for the new Bark Park to date. These include:


North Shore Open Space Park
Collins Avenue between 79th and 87th Streets   [MAP]

This park has been mentioned the most when discussing the new Bark Park. It is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation that will add numerous improvements to this mostly underutilized park. However, sources at the Parks Department recently stated that there were no current plans to add a Bark Park here.



Ocean Terrace Park ("Future Park")
Collins Avenue/Atlantic Way between 76th and 77th Streets   [MAP]

This two-block area just north of the redeveloped Ocean Terrace and east of the new Ocean Blue condominium is apparently slated to be a park sometime in the future. Right now the land is vacant, and mostly unused. It has access to running water both at 76th and at 77th Streets. The area east of Atlantic Way, well set back from the traffic on Collins Avenue, is already occasionally used as an "unofficial" dog park.



Parkview Island Park
Dickens Avenue between 73rd and 75th Streets   [MAP]

The idea for a Bark Park at this location was presented at the July 25, 2002 meeting of the North Shore Community Design Workshop. This park is located right up the street from the North Shore Park and Recreation Center.


Update: Dog Beach in North Beach?

(September 2006) The Miami Beach City Commission has been discussing the possibility of opening a section of the 86th Street beach to dogs.


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